Apple iOS 12 Public Beta 2 Software Released

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July 6, 2018 iPhone 7 No comments

iOS 12 Public Beta 2

Apple recently released their third beta of iOS 12 to developers and now they have also released iOS 12 Public Beta 2 to their public beta testing program.

The new iOS 12 Public Beta 2 is basically the exact same software as the iOS 12 Beta 3 that has been released to developers.

In order to try out the new public beta you will need to join Apple’s public beta testing program, you can find out more information on this over at Apple’s website at the link below.

The iOS 12 software will bring a wide range of new features to Apple’s iPhone and iPad, the software is designed to bring a range of performance improvements and also speed improvements to all devices including Apple’s older devices.

Some of the new features will include an improved Apple Maps, an update version of Apple’s Siri voice assistant and more. We are expecting the new iOS 12 software to be released some time in September along with the new iPhones.

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