iOS 11.1 Beta 2 vs iOS 11.0.2 Speed Test (Video)

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October 11, 2017 iPhone 7 No comments

iOS 11.1 Beta 2 vs iOS 11.0.2

Apple recently released the second beta of iOS 11.1 and now we have a speed test of iOS 11.1 Beta 2 vs iOS 11.0.2.

The videos below show the two operating systems being tests on the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6, The iPhone 6S and the iPhone 7.


Looks like something has gone wrong for Apple on the A7/A8 processor
devices when it comes to booting. As an example the 5S on iOS 11.1
Beta 1 only booted one or two seconds slower than iOS 11.0.1, this time
iOS 11.1 Beta 2 is 24 seconds slower?!.. Strange.
However looks like they have sped up the GUI with faster app opening
animations… But some work still to be done for sure

As we can see from the videos there are some improvements on some devices whilst others appear to be slower. We would expect this to change by the time Apple releases the final iOS 11.1 software update.

Source iAppleBytes

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