iPhone Source Code Leaked By Low Level Employee

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February 13, 2018 iPhone 7 No comments

iPhone Source Code

Last week we heard that some iPhone source code had been leaked, the code was iBoot from iOS 9 and Apple did not seem too bothered about it as it was from an older version of iOS.

Now it would appear we have some more information on who leaked the code, according to a recent report from Motherboard the code was leaked by a low level employee at Apple.

The iBoot code for iOS 9 is around two years old, it could possibly be used by hackers and security researchers to help jailbreak Apple’s iOS. Apple has said that the like does not pose any security risk for users.

The code was actually taken from Apple’s HQ back in 2016, although it took until 2018 for it to surface online. The code was taken from Apple by a low level employee, who had apparently never meant for the code to get out..

Instead he apparently shared the code with some friends in the jailbreaking community, it was apparently originally shared with just five people. The code was apparently only meant to be shared with these five people, although it a ended up being shared with more people and then it ended up being shared online on Github, the code has since been removed from Github at Apple’s request.

Source Motherboard

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