Stone Jelly iPhone Cases Give Your iPhone A Unique Look

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September 13, 2017 iPhone 7 No comments

Stone Jelly iPhone Cases

If you are looking for a unique case for your iPhone then you may want to check out these steampunk inspired iPhone cases from Stone Jelly.

There are a number of different cases in the range and each one is made from a combination of wood and metal, they are hand assembled and are designed to protect our iPhone.

Our Deco case is hand-built from precisen cut stainless steel combined with the crisp texture of hand constructed oak centre veneer. Fastened together with micro fixings and hand turned brass rivets for durability and strength. The inside is lined with precisely cut padding to give your phone a comfy, safe and scratch free home. Mix this altogether and you end up with a head turning, protective and off the wall iPhone case.

Head on over to Stone Jelly at the link below for more details on these interesting iPhone cases, prices start at around $69.

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