Watch Out For Fake iPhone X Smartphones (Video)

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December 7, 2017 iPhone 7 No comments

Fake iPhone X

The iPhone X is going to be a popular device this Christmas and if you are buying one from somewhere other than an authorized retailer, you need to watch our for Fake iPhone X handsets.

A couple in Chandler Arizona purchased what they thought was a real iPhone X online, they even check the serial number and IMEI number of the device with Apple. What they ended up getting was a fake iPhone running Android.

The fake iPhone can be seen in the video below, it looks very convincing and the fact that the IMEI numbers and serial numbers checked out, it would probably fool most people.

As we can see from the video the device looks exactly like the new iPhone X at first glance, it could have easily fooled many people. If you are buying an iPhone X online from non authorized retailers, then you should use a credit card or something like PayPal to make sure you are covered if you get scammed.

Source ABC, Phone Arena

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